Assembly for Action

Florida's Premiere Community Service COnference

Conference Schedule


DAY 1   
Friday,  October - 12 - 2018

Location: Your Assigned Non-Profit

Action Scholars will be assigned in groups of two to five students to visit a local non-profit organization based on their preferences and attend a half day of community service with the objective of learning more about how the non-profit functions and the challenges it faces.

DAY 2   
Saturday,  October - 13 - 2018

Reitz Union Room G320

10:00   AM          Investing in Community: The New American City

Welcoming Speech by Lauren Poe, Mayor of Gainesville.

10:30   AM         Non-Profit Case Study Q&A Panel

60-minute case study panel with leading local non-profits in Gainesville, organized by Ms. Lesley Banis from the Community Foundation of North Central Florida. This is followed by 15 minutes of open-floor Q&A, followed by a 15-minute peer group brainstorming activity led by research mentors.

12:00   PM          Learning the ABCD’s

60-minute seminar by IFAS extension professor, Dr. Mike Spranger, on Asset-Based Community Development involving a peer group activity.

1:00  PM          Lunch Hour

Lunch provided free of charge by Assembly For Action.

2:00   PM            Opportunity

60-minute seminar by the Director of Masters in Entrepreneurship Program, Mr. Parker van Hart, involving a peer group activity and a brief presentation on the Warrington College of Business’ Big Idea Competition grant-winning opportunity.

3:00   PM          Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship: Empowering Action Scholars to

become Changemakers

60-minute seminar by the Director of the Social Impact & Sustainability Initiative, Dr. Kristin Joys.

4:00 PM Action Plan Writing Workshop

30-minute workshop by the Director of the Social Impact & Sustainability Initiative, Dr. Kristin Joys, involving an in-depth review of what Scholars will be expected to submit on Saturday, October 20, at midnight.

4:30   PM          Planning for Impact: A Logic Model Approach to Program Development

& Evaluation

90-minute seminar by professor of Family Youth and Community Sciences (FYCS), Dr. Keith Diem, involving a peer group activity.

6:00   PM            Adjourn until Saturday, October 20th, at 10:00 am

DAY 3   
SATURDAY,  October - 20 - 2018

Reitz Union Room 2355

10:00   AM          Thinking About Inequalities in a University Town: Leadership and Ethics

60-minute seminar by the Director of the Samuel Proctor Oral Institute, Dr. Paul Ortiz, involving a peer group activity.

11:00   AM          Equipping the Action Scholar to be an Awesome Volunteer

60-minute seminar by Associate Professor Community-Based Organizational Systems, Dr. Dale Pracht, involving a peer group activity.

12:00   PM         Preparing for your Possible Lives in Non-Profit and Community Development

60-minute seminar by Ms. Jacqueline Pedota of the Career Connections Center involving a peer group activity.

1:00   PM           Lunch Hour

Lunch provided free of charge by Assembly For Action

2:00   PM            Presenting Skills Workshop

60-minute seminar by professional communication and writing professor, Dr. Rachel Slivon of the Warrington College of Business, involving a peer group activity.

3:00   PM           Gators: Supporting our Community

30-minute presentation by Assistant Vice President of Community Relations, Ms. Susan Crowley, on “Gators Volunteer,” a new campaign that will link the University of Florida to area organizations in need and further enhance the UF community impact.

3:30   PM           How can Students Share Their Talents with Gainesville?

30-minute presentation by Beatriz Ramon, a current University of Florida senior and Engagement Fellow at City of Gainesville, on the various real-world applications of skills learned in Assembly for Action.

4:00   PM           The Brown Center Projects for Peace Fellowship

30-minute presentation by The Brown Center of Leadership and Service representative, Ms. Christine Mavrick, and two past winners, Ms. Giovana Giraldo and Ms. Melanie Lopez.

4:30 PM            The Bob Graham Center Civic Innovators Project Grant

30-minute presentation by Dr. Kevin Baron in partnership with the Bob Graham Center for Public Service.

5:00   PM           Action Plan Scoring

10-minute explanation of the Action Plan judging criteria and selective presentation schedule for Sunday, October 21.

Assembly For Action Feedback Period

5-minute reflection period during which all Action Scholars and staff will be asked to respond to a feedback survey about the Assembly for Action experience.

5:15   PM            Optional Guided Research

Action Scholars will have the option to remain at the Reitz Union until 6:00 pm to write Action Plans in collaboration with their Research Mentors.

6:00   PM            Adjourn until Sunday, October 21st, at 2:00 pm

Action Plans must be submitted to by the Midnight Deadline in order to be considered for any Assembly For Action grants.


DAY 4   
SUNDAY,  October - 21st - 2018     

12:00    PM        Six Semi-Finalist Presentations (Location: Reitz 2320)

Six Action Scholars will be asked to present in-person at a private room in the Reitz Union for a panel of judges. Each presenter will be given a 5-minute speaking time followed by a 5-minute Q&A with the judges.

2:00   PM            Closing Ceremonies (Location: Reitz Union Room 2365)

All 50 Action Scholars will reconvene for Closing Ceremonies, where all Action Scholars will receive certificates, the four Assembly For Action grant winners will be announced, and our guest speakers VP of Student Affairs, Dr. David Parrott, and SG Vice President, David Enriquez, will give closing speeches.

4:00   PM            Assembly For Action Adjourned