Non-Profit Partner Application


Approximately 20 nonprofits will be invited this year to be AFA Non-Profit Partners. Partners will be selected based on your:

  1. Capacity for hosting a group of Action Scholars on Friday, October 18, 2019 for a Day of Service

  2. Demonstrated room for growth in your organization

  3. Willingness to mentor Action Scholars’ innovative community service “Action Plans”

  4. Commitment to overseeing project implementation within your organization, if these Scholars’ “Action Plan” wins the Assembly for Action $2,000 grant award

Contact Information
Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
Will serve as our Point of Contact at your organization
Role in your organization
Applicant Phone Number *
Applicant Phone Number
Non-Profit Background
Day of Service Questionnaire
The Day of Service is meant to provide a group of Action Scholars with insight into the operations of your organization and how student involvement might expand your community impact or increase your effectiveness.
What Community Development Topic(s) does your organization address? *
This can be a range. If your organization is selected as a Partner, AFA staff will contact you to discuss more activity specifics.
Demonstrate Room for Growth
Projects are implemented under the mentorship of the organization, but led by the team of grant-winning Action Scholars (between 2- students)
Could these projects also benefit from an Action Scholar-led grant award?
Willingness to Mentor "Action Plans"
Action Scholars will be writing a grant proposal for your organization based on what they learn during their Day of Service experience. The most successful Action Plans often are written in collaboration with an organization's representative that offers mentorship and support throughout the week following the Day of Service.
This is the first "Lecture Day" of the conference, which will be focused on assessing community needs.
Commitment to Implementing Grant Awards
Grant awards are not given directly to any student Scholar or to any Non-Profit. Students must request funds from the UF Foundation Account as purchases are made. Please contact us if you have any questions about how Action Plan grants are financed.